As we delve deeper into the digital world, some communities find it challenging to maintain genuine human connections. Riding a motorcycle has always been more than just moving through space. The true spirit of the motorcycle community is born from conversations, vivid stories, jokes, laughter, useful advice, and friendships among riders. Mutual social support among motorcyclists is the most effective way to preserve the unity and integrity of the entire society. We are united by a common bond that prioritizes helping others and striving to assist those in need.

MOTOSPOT is a voluntary, non-political and non-religious organization that brings together motorcycle enthusiasts, promoting voluntary assistance on the roads and the principles of mutual respect, equality, support, and friendship.
The primary goal of MOTOSPOT is the development and support of the motorcycle movement, uniting people passionate about motorcycles and respecting both biker values and universal human values and norms.
Our strength lies in unity, loyalty to ideals, and unconditional support for one another.


  • Any person, whether currently owning a motorcycle or temporarily without one for valid reasons, can become a full member of the MOTOSPOT Community.
  • Members participate in community activities and development as much as they find convenient. More involvement leads to more opportunities. These can include introducing newcomers to the motorcycle world, culture, and traditions, organizing and conducting various events, training young riders, or simply providing personal help to community members.
  • All MOTOSPOT members must be registered in the namesake application.
  • Voluntary assistance in developing the app, publishing motorcycle news and events, and adding motorcycle spots to the interactive map is encouraged.
  • Members are required to promote MOTOSPOT and its ideas, working to attract new members to the community.
  • A member must remember that their behavior reflects on the entire motorcycle community.


  • Uniting motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Supporting the motorcycle movement.
  • Promoting the principles of mutual assistance.
  • Creating a unified app and social network as an open and safe space for like-minded individuals to communicate.
  • Engaging in two-way communication with community members to discuss ideas for improving the app for the benefit of all users.


  • A cohesive ideology and organization that respects each member's individuality.
  • Consciousness and discipline rooted in internal drive.
  • Mutual support regardless of social status, age, gender, or type of motorcycle.


In any emergency, the motorcyclist or nearby community members activate the S.O.S. button on the MOTOSPOT app map, sending notifications of the incident to all motorcyclists within a specified radius. Riders in the vicinity can head to the location to provide assistance.

Types of Assistance Members Can Provide:

  • First aid.
  • Photographing the incident scene and creating an objective accident diagram.
  • Assisting in transporting the motorcycle.
  • Assisting in transporting the rider.

Situations Where Riders May Request Help:

  • Traffic accidents.
  • Conflicts with other vehicles.
  • Road rights violations by any road users.
  • Information about road problems.
  • Other cases (e.g., out of gas, breakdowns).


The symbol of the Moto Community is a green "location" icon on the background of the city map and the inscription MOTOSPOT in black/white or green color. There are also other symbolic elements, layouts and materials available on for use for popularization purposes.


"MOTOSPOT - the place where riders meet"

MOTOSPOT's activities are spread all over the world. We build our motorcycle community on the basis of friendship, mutual support, creativity and openness within the community.

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